Stoneridge Motorcoach Village

After a beautiful drive through Oregon and Idaho we made it to StoneRidge Resort in Blanchard, ID, home to our friends Mike and Mary.  If you are 3 axel envious then this might not be the place for you.  Everything here is 40 plus feet with 3 axels.  This is the big boys club.

One of Mike’s favorite things to do is ride the UTV up into the hills and do what good red blooded American’s do.

Keltec KSG

Our self defense tool

9mm Action

9mm Action

If you find yourself near Sandpoint⁩ Idaho⁩ do yourself a favor and check out ‎⁨Schweitzer⁩ Mountain Ski Resort. During the summer the ski lift is running to the top of the mountain. Believe it or not there is an excellent restaurant up there worth a visit. Lots of hiking and plenty of views.


‎⁨Schweitzer⁩ Mountain

Top of the mountain

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