Blame it on crappy internet

I know I promised to keep this updated and I really did try, but everything I read about internet service while traveling the country in an RV has come true.  Most RV parks have little to no WiFi service to speak of.  What I have found is that with most if they do have it is it not secure.  I am not ready to deal with my accounts getting hacked because someone is watching what I am doing on insecure internet.  We bought a Verizon hotspot with a 30Gig data limit and wow does it go fast.  So unfortunately these up-dates may not come as often as I had hoped for.

One thought on “Blame it on crappy internet

  1. flyingmadmin Post author

    Thanks to the info in VPN Rich. We went with a Verizon MiFi hotspot to see how that works. Now I just need a bit more time to post.

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