Far East Maine: Lebec and Eastport

We’d heard a great place to visit was the “easternmost” cities and towns of Maine — and those were Eastport and Lebec, respectively. Take a look at the map: these are waaaay out there with not much in between!

Eastport: This was our RV destination on Sept 20 — primarily because we couldn’t (again!) find too much else! We’re finding, as we get off the more beaten path, many RV parks don’t take online reservations and calling is hit or miss.

But: we found Seaview Campground in Eastport via phone — and what a spot it is! Absolutely dropped gorgeous views of the Bay of Fundy/Gulf of Maine including many small islands and Canada across!

And, as has happened several times on this trip: great conversations with neighbors led us to fund things. In this case: Eastport Windjammers for a whale spotting cruise in the Bay of Fundy.

We were able to make a phone reservation (yes!!) for the next day and what a great trip! About 20 folks on board; we saw Minke whales, porpoises, Campobello, Lebec and several whirlpools due to the tides. Zoe’s goal was to go to the Bay of Fundy in Canada but..no real RV access due to Covid so this was our alternative visit — and really worthwhile! Great weather, terrific boat staff and lots to see. The weather was cool but sunny.

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