Good Sam Mail Service

I know you have many different choices when it comes to mail service as a full time RVer.  I looked into all of them and ended up going with the Good Sam Mail Service.  I have been a Good Sam member for some time for their roadside assistance program.  We went with Good Sam Mail Service for two reasons.  First we wanted to domicile in Florida and we were happy with other Good Sam services.  The price was competitive as well.

We have had it for a year and the service has been excellent.  Setup was easy and done all online.  There are a few forms because you are dealing with the US Postal Service, but there were easy to complete.  In no time we had a new street address and mail was heading to our new address n Florida.  Whenever they receive any mail we receive an email with a picture of the front of the envelope.

We then can login to our account page which shows all the mail they are holding for us.  You can do any of the following:

  • Have them shred and recycle the item
  • Open the item and scan the contents for you to see online.  Usually takes a day.
  • Forward the item to an address where you can receive it.
  • Hang on to it until you end up in Crestview, FL to pick it up in person.

It has worked perfectly so far and the staff have been awesome at answering our question on the entire mail service and domicile process.

If you choose to use the Good Sam Mail Service, please enter our PMB number 3017 so they know we referred you.  Let us know if you have any question on the Good Sam Mail Service.  Happy Travels!