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So it has been one year since we got off the road as full-time RVers and I for one miss it.  Traveling this big beautiful country was a blessing.  There is so much to see and so many friendly people to meet that I wish I could still be rolling down the road in Julia.  Zoe on the other hand was longing for her own washer and dryer and an endless hot water shower.

This has also been the one year anniversary of dealing with a major health issue and it is not over.  On one hand having a land based home was a blessing in disguise.  Not a month into moving into our new home, we were surprised with a major health issue.  Had we been on the road, I am not sure what I would have done.  Most likely we would have returned to what we knew best and headed back to Folsom, CA.  Again we were blessed with a referral to a wonderful doctor that guided us to wonderful and caring doctors that are doing an amazing job dealing with our issue.  The fight is not over, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and hope to get back out on the road soon.


So now for the advice.  I have found that there is never a perfect time for just about anything.  Whether it is getting married or have a kid or selling everything you own and hitting the road in a RV.  There are always great reasons to do something as there are for not doing it.  I think the most difficult thing we ever did was selling most of our worldly possessions and moving into a 38 foot motorhome and leaving our family and friends of more than 25 years.  Never could have imagined how hard that was going to be.  The new home is nothing like the old home and not sure I will live long enough to rebuild friendships like we had in Folsom.

All that said, I would do it over again to have the 18 plus months of traveling the country.  From the amazingly beautiful locations like Glacier National Park to touring stunning state capital buildings to reunions with friends across the country, it was so worth it I would do it again in a heart beat.  Even with all the set ups and take downs, dumping tanks, dead batteries, crappy RV parks to close to the freeway, being cold and being hot, it was so worth the adventure.

So my advice to you is don’t wait for the perfect time to do your adventure.  Don’t see places through someone else’s pictures, they don’t do it justice.  See the country through your own eyes.  You never know when something serious will pop up and put your adventure on hold or stop it all together.  Do your homework and if your are anywhere near close to having the resources to make your adventurer a reality, DO IT.  We had so many reasons to stay put, but I thank God he blessed us with the resources to make it happen and what an adventure it was.  Go make your adventure today.

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